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“A nice photo of one of my boats’ set-up. I use this by myself. The best one-man set-up for me. I used the Jenson Lake Mower™ and Jenson Rake™. Did use a pond skimmer also for the real fine material.”

Ready… ...Set... ...GONE!

“As a professional pond manager I am constantly on the lookout for tools to help my trade. The Lake Mower™ has fit the bill and more. In some applications I use it to cut at least 5 different plants in one pond. But the real benefit to me is utilizing it to cut or mow hard to deal with plants. The hard stemmed bulrushes and cattails. I use a 3 S method, Submerge, Suffocate and Starve. This slowly depletes the energy from the rhizome.

I may have 200 plants in a dense stand of 500 square feet. The first cut removes all the dead growth and starts them trying again. The second cut I normally have half the emerging growth. And each subsequent cut the number halves again. I’m on my 4th cut at this time in the season and there are barely 25 plants emerging, thinly, where 200 were in a dense stand where I started.

Another benefit is economically friendly, a huge issue in California these days, and selective cutting. I can actually leave some plants, and lilies which my customers want. It is so easy to use I actually have customers come with me and mow while I drive the boat. Easily the best, and most universal tool I have found for dealing with difficult aquatic weeds.”

Richard Cherney CEO, The Pond Frog, Northern California Pond Manager/Consultant Jenson Lake Mower February 15, 2018

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