We are happy to endorse your product…

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We are happy to endorse your product…

I attached the two photos I mentioned, one on a boat we used the first time and the second shows our new pontoon with two cutters in operation which were used to cut in excess of 150 tonnes of weed in about 11 hours. We are happy to endorse your product and feel free to use the pictures if you want to.

pontoon waterway

“The third picture shows the method we used to remove the weeds (a mixture of Ribbon Weed and Pond Weed) which had been caught on the boom we had put across the waterway. The crane with the bucket put the weeds into a waiting truck which went off when it was full, hence we have a good idea of the amount of weeds we cut and shifted.


Lucidus Smith Author of “The Business of Waterways Management – A Toe in the Water” Jenson Lake Mower February 15, 2021

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