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If a return is requested, refunds will be issued after the unit has been returned and inspection has been performed. The item should be in like-new condition packed in its original box. A 10% percent restocking fee will be applied to like-new, approved returns.

The Lake Mower comes with a 12-month warranty. We know you will be delighted with the quality and performance of your new Lake Mower™ and/or the Jenson Rake™. For that reason, we invite you to try it out. If for any reason you are unhappy with it, you may return it within 30 days for a refund (less shipping & 10% restocking fee). If a return is requested, refunds will be issued after the unit has been returned and inspection has been performed. The item should be in like-new condition packed in its original box. We just ask that you call us first so that we can help arrange the return or perhaps resolve the problem that caused you to return it. Our Lake Mowers are high-quality machines built to last. Our first mowers have been in use since 1994. We like our customers to be happy with their machines for a long, long time. If ever there is a problem, don’t hesitate to call us. We stand behind our product and are always ready and willing to help resolve any problems that may occur.

You can mow approximately 1 acre every 3 hours. The time spent will depend on the type and density of the weeds, your boat motor, etc. We suggest cutting at a slow, steady pace to prevent any serious damage in the event you encounter an obstacle. Several of our customers use two Lake Mowers, one on each side of the boat, to cut a wider area in one pass.

Our customers report mowing 2 to 4 times per season. The rate of regrowth depends on the type of aquatic weeds, the temperature, the depth at which one is able to cut, etc. We’ve had some customers tell us their lily pads didn’t regrow at all after having kept them under the surface for a season!

It is important that the cuttings are removed from the water. Not only is it unsightly to leave them there, but large volumes of decomposing plant material can adversely affect the ecology. Additionally, certain plants, such as Eurasian Milfoil, can propagate from the fragments.

The cuttings are typically raked to shore, where they can be removed via nets or pitchforks. Since 2007 we have offered the 5′-wide boat-mounted Jenson Rake for purchase. This rake allows your boat to easily push the weeds to shore, saving time and energy!

Once on shore, the cuttings will shrink as they dry. Some aquatic weeds make excellent compost for gardens and flowerbeds!

There are areas and specific weeds that require permits – too numerous for us to keep track of. Please check with your state DNR, the EPA, city or county officials, or local water authority before buying. In Texas, aquatic weeds fall under the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and one needs to submit a treatment proposal two weeks before cutting.

If you need to cut deeper than 3 feet, you can order either a 2-foot or a 4-foot extender at any time. The extender simply fits between the cutter head and the vertical drive shaft, and connects with 4 dog point setscrews at each end.

Your Lake Mower will come with extra fuses, setscrews, and an Allen wrench (hex key) necessary for assembly. Occasionally our customers will drop a small part in the water. We recommend that assembly is always performed on land. However, if you should need a replacement part for any reason, simply call us and we can ship the part to you immediately. Due to the nature of cutting underwater, there is the potential of running into something solid, such as a rock, log, or man-made debris. If this should occur, the mounting bracket for the Lake Mower has been designed to break in such a way to prevent the Lake Mower from falling into the water and to prevent damage to your boat. Mounting brackets can be ordered complete or just the affected parts. Some of our customers prefer to purchase a spare mounting bracket to have on hand in the event that they need it.

The blades are extremely tough, self-sharpening agricultural blades that never need replacement. Some replacement parts are available for purchase from our site.

Yes, one of our customers has successfully been using the Lake Mower commercially in saltwater for years.

Please watch our videos at They should give you a pretty good idea of whether the Lake Mower can work for you.

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