Affordable Weed Removing Mowers and Rakes

Jenson Lake Mower™ HD5000
Jenson Lake Mower™ HD5000
Jenson Lake Rake ™
Jenson Lake Rake ™
Have you tried other methods of killing lake and pond weeds like harvesting, aquatic herbicides and manual weed raking only to be disappointed? The Jenson Lake Mower™ is the cost effective, environmentally friendly, mechanical aquatic weed control method you’ve been searching for.

Whether called lake, pond, or river weeds, seaweed or algae, invasive plants can easily kill your fun on the water. The Lake Mower™ is the sickle mower that enables you to reclaim your property as easily as mowing your lawn. Controlling milfoil, hydrilla, cattail, lily pads, and other aquatic weeds becomes a simple task with this electric lake weed killer.

The Lake Mower™ lets you spend your time enjoying your waterfront, not fighting it. IMAGINE using your small boat as an aquatic lawn mower!

The Lake Mower™ cuts weeds up to seven feet deep (with optional extender), allowing you to enjoy swimming and boating, while maintaining a good habitat for fish. In several cases, cutting lake weeds regularly drastically reduces their growth the following season.

Doug_Croley“The Lake Mower™ in use mowing hydrilla on the Wakulla River in Florida. The mechanical mower is side-mounted on a 15′ aluminum boat with a 25 h.p. outboard motor.”
Doug C

Mechanical aquatic weed removal made easy:

  • No more aquatic weeds tangled in your boat motor!
  • No more swimming with lake weeds wrapped around your legs!
  • Make your beach or waterfront look more appealing without seaweed!
  • Increase the property value of your lake front house or cottage!
  • Maintain a beautiful marina at low cost!
  • Killing cattails and other pond weeds has never been easier!
  • Eradicate nuisance aquatic vegetation from the comfort of your boat!
Use the Jenson Lake Mower™ and The Jenson Rake™ to collect and control most aquatic weeds including:

Our customers include:

“I like the fact that I can cut clear channels for my boat [with the Lake Mower™] while still leaving enough habitat for the fish. With chemicals you run the risk of either not killing enough plants, or killing everything.”
John B, FL


We know you will be delighted with the quality and performance of your new Lake Mower™ and/or the Jenson Rake™. For that reason, we invite you to purchase one and try it out. If for any reason you are unhappy with it, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund (less shipping).