Jenson Lake Mower™ HD5000


The Lake Mower™ is built to last, comes with a two-year warranty, and will give you years of service. Many of the first models ever built are still in service today, over two decades later. This weed cutting machine makes it easy to control lake weeds (commonly referred to as algae or seaweed) affecting your waterfront at an affordable price. Unlike water chemical treatment or huge, expensive harvesters, the Lake Mower™ gives you the ability to cut and trim the areas you choose, and leave the rest.

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Four foot wide cutter. Super sharp blades.
Four foot wide cutter. Super sharp blades.

Great Features!

  • Assembly with the enclosed 1/8″ Allen wrench is quick and easy.
  • Quick disconnect allows easy “fold-up” for compact storage or easy transportation.
  • Special low power consumption, high efficiency motors.
  • Up to 7 hours of operation per charge for the HD5000.
  • Light-weight design: Weighs between 42 and 51 pounds.
  • Robust aluminum and stainless steel construction, for long life.
  • Self-sharpening cutting blades are made of heavy duty specialty steel.
  • Adjustable mounting bracket fits the Lake Mower™ to the side, transom, or front of almost any small boat.
  • Tiller handle with safety on/off switch (height adjustable).
  • Custom bearing blocks, promoting smooth operation.
  • Depth-stop collar adjusts for varying depths, from 0 to 3 feet. Optional 2′ and 4′ extenders are available.
  • Compact drive system.
  • Warranty is NOT voided when used commercially (except for rentals).
  • Easy and fun to operate.
  • The Lake Mower™ easily cuts through submerged weeds such as eurasian milfoil, hydrilla, elodea, tape grass, cattails, bulrushes, and dense lily pads.


  • Cutting width: 4 feet
  • Cutting depth: Down to 3 feet (+/-) below water surface (adjustable). Down to 5 or 7 feet (+/-) with optional 2 ft or 4 ft extenders
  • Number of blades
    • Upper Bar: 15
    • Lower Bar: 16
  • Height: 68″
  • Width: 48″
  • Weight: HD5000: 45 lb
  • 4′ Extender: 6 lb
  • 2′ Extender: 3 lb
  • Box dimensions: 53″ x 11″ x 7″

Motor Specifications:

  • Heavy duty
  • 100% continuous duty rated gearmotors
  • 1/5 horsepower
  • Steel gears
  • 12 Volt DC
  • Fuse protected: 30 Amp fuses
  • Suitable for prolonged cutting

Power Source:

  • 12 Volt deep cycle marine battery (not included).
  • Available cutting time per charge: typically 7 hours.


  • Vertical up/down, for deeper or shallower cut.
  • Swing through 90° on mounting bracket (vertical to horizontal position) to swing blades out of water, or to cut at an angle.
  • Rotate 360° in horizontal plane, to cut forward, backward or sideways.

Plowed through this mess…

I want to let you know that the Lake Mower™ performed just like you said it would and better than expected! San Felipe Creek traverses one of the main entry points to the city. This portion of the creek becomes overrun with the hydrilla and cutting it became a time-consuming nightmare. Your (my) Lake Mower™ has just plowed through this mess and given us our creek back. Thank you very much for this awesome product. You have saved me both time and money.

City of Del Rio Parks and Recreation Department Jenson Lake Mower

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