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Niagara Frontier Country Club

1058 Lake Rd.
Youngstown, NY 14174
Phone: (716)745-3667
Fax: (716)745-9118

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Niagara Frontier’s waterfront before and after weed cutting with the Lake Mower™

We purchased a Lake Mower™ from you in the spring of 06. Our Lake is very shallow and hard to maintain. Chemicals have been used in the past to keep problem weeds down with little success. Our pond care company was as frustrated as I was. They recommended cutting the weeds. We are a country club and needed to clean up the lake. I was very excited to see the results after each cutting. We spent many hours and the results show. We received many comments on the lake. This year I applied no chemicals to the lake. We cut the lake roughly 10 to 12 times and cleaned up all the weeds as they drifted to shore. We had one scheduled herbicide application and cancelled it after one cutting with the mower. We also had no algicide applications. As you see in the pictures, the plants would seed and drop the seeds into the water. Those pictures are from 2005. The great-looking pictures are how our pond looked all this summer (’06). I am very interested in how thick the weeds will be next spring. Thank you for a great product. It is very well built and held up fine the first year of heavy use. We were ready to dig out the lake and have saved thousands.

Thanks again,
Thomas J Fiegl, Supt., Niagara Frontier Country Club

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