Lake and Pond Management Companies

Jacobson Environmental, PLLC
Wayne Jacobson WDC, PWS, PSS, AFS
5821 Humboldt Avenue North
Brooklyn Center, MN 55430
Cell: (612) 802-6619
Office: (612) 802-6619

on boat with lake mower and rake
Wayne Jacobson with his Lake Mower™ and Rake™ on the boat.

The Pond Frog
P.O. Box 1326
Elk Grove CA, 95759
Phone: 916-670-7153

Ready… …Set… …GONE!
“A nice photo of one of my boats’ set-up. I use this by myself. The best one-man set-up for me. I used the Jenson Lake MowerTM and Jenson RakeTM. Did use a pond skimmer also for the real fine material.”
Richard Cherney
CEO, The Pond Frog, Northern California Pond Manager/Consultant

Allied Biological
580 Rockport Rd.
Hackettstown, NJ 07840
Phone: (908) 850-0303
Fax: (908) 850-4994

Johnson Lake Management Services
Malcolm Johnson
310 Deerwood Drive
San Marcos, TX 78666-9700
Phone: (512) 396-1231
Fax: (512) 396-5797

Upstate Applications, Inc.
PO Box 486
Wayland, NY 14572
Phone: (585) 728-9299 or 1 (866) 301-7142
Fax: (585) 728-9254

Aquatic Site Maintenance
Mr. Terry Mealor, B.Com, MAppSc(CoastalMgt)
PO Box 319
Dingley Village 3172
Melbourne, Victoria
Phone: +61409 180707

Waterway maintenance, environmental & coastal management consulting, as well as water testing etc.

aquatic mower
Jenson Lake Mower™ used by Aquatic Site Maintenance

“On behalf of Aquatic Site Maintenance ‘Down Under’ we would like to comment on how well the Jenson Lake Mower™ is performing for us. We are using it in a harsh environment in an inland salt water lake that is 50 Hectares in size with a residential housing development surrounding the lake. The appearance of the lake, as it is surrounded by residential homes, is of key importance to the success of the development as a whole. We have now been operating the Lake Mower™ in this salt water environment, in a commercial application 6 to 8 hours a day, 6 days a week for over six months now. The Lake Mower™ has so far performed well above our expectations. To date we have had no major down time due to any problems with the unit. With over 1200 operational hours in this environment and so far no signs of failing, even when cutting through Australian Sea Grass which grows quicker than you can cut all year round, we can only say that to this point it has defiantly exceeded our expectations.

Again, thank you.”
Terry Mealor, Aquatic Site Maintenance, Australia

Pond Design and Construction

Otto’s Dirt Service
PO Box 2
Lindsay, TX 76250
Phone: (800) 882 DIRT (3478)
Mike Otto can assist you with the creation of the lake or pond of your dreams, or with a lake or pond that needs work.


Keith Crabtree
Pond Management and Rural Property Consultant
Phone: (530)269-1217
Keith teaches pond management and rural property classes at Sierra College in Rocklin, CA. He can answer questions regarding planning to build a pond, where and how big, suitable soils, aeration and weed control, and much more.

Pond Boss Magazine
Published by the Pond Boss, Bob Lusk
P.O. Box 12
Sadler, TX 76264
Phone: (800)687-6075
Learn about ponds and fish, join discussions, ask the Boss, subscribe to the magazine, buy books, check out resources and supplies, etc.

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