Jenson Lake Mower Testimonials

“Honey, get in the boat and check this baby out ………. It’s great!”

"Your web sight and DVD caused me to think your weed mower would work out well in solving my pond weed problem, and so I purchased one. I need to tell you that I was extremely impressed, just from opening the box! As a design engineer myself, I immediately recognized the high quality of the product, before even setting it up. Assembly was much easier than I had anticipated; just a few minutes with no tools required other than the allen wrench supplied."

pinter after lake mower 2 pinter after lake mower 1

"I could hardly wait to jump in the boat and run through some weeds. I turned the throttle on my small inexpensive electric trolling motor ($209, 55lb thrust), squeezed the power handle on the mower, and I was slicing right through those weeds. After just a few minutes of cutting I motored right back to shore and ran to get my wife. "Honey, get in the boat and check this baby out .......... It's great!"

After all those years, and gallons of sweat raking, I now have my pond back, and looking better than ever. Your product absolutely deserves a solid A+.

"For the last two years we have had no more problems with weeds growing back. As you can see in the photos, our ponds look beautiful and we couldn't be happier!"

Rick Pinter Owner, Promised Land Sports Park Jenson Lake Mower

We 100% Support and Recommend the Lake Mower

From Doug Hannon and Mark Abernathy, both lifelong outdoor enthusiasts concerned about our environment and the way we treat it:

"We 100% support and recommend The Jenson Lake Mower™ as a superior method to control, weeds, grasses, lilly pads, reeds, vegetation of all types within any body of water, without the use of HARMFUL and DEADLY chemicals our government agencies continue to use to poison our waterways. This easy to use tool is efficient and great for any purpose, from simple clean-up to prepping your favorite duck hunting landing area. Nothing on the market compares, and the real satisfaction is knowing that no harmful chemicals have been added to the water, resulting in future unknown harm and damage not only to the environment, but also the vegetation, animals, and fish, as well as humans that may consume these animals and water."

Doug Hannon, The Bass Professor™ & Mark Abernathy, Inventor of The Original Fishing Snake™ Jenson Lake Mower

Aquatic Site Maintenance ‘Down Under’

On behalf of Aquatic Site Maintenance ‘Down Under’ we would like to comment on how well the Jenson Lake Mower™ is performing for us. We are using it in a harsh environment in an inland salt water lake that is 50 Hectares in size with a residential housing development surrounding the lake. The appearance of the lake, as it is surrounded by residential homes, is of key importance to the success of the development as a whole. We have now been operating the Lake Mower™ in this salt water environment, in a commercial application 6 to 8 hours a day, 6 days a week for over six months now. The Lake Mower™ has so far performed well above our expectations. To date we have had no major down time due to any problems with the unit. With over 1200 operational hours in this environment and so far no signs of failing, even when cutting through Australian Sea Grass which grows quicker than you can cut all year round, we can only say that to this point it has defiantly exceeded our expectations.
Again, thank you.

Terry Mealor, Seaford, Victoria, Australia Aquatic Technologies (formerly Aquatic Site Maintenance) Jenson Lake Mower

Plowed through this mess…

I want to let you know that the Lake Mower™ performed just like you said it would and better than expected! San Felipe Creek traverses one of the main entry points to the city. This portion of the creek becomes overrun with the hydrilla and cutting it became a time-consuming nightmare. Your (my) Lake Mower™ has just plowed through this mess and given us our creek back. Thank you very much for this awesome product. You have saved me both time and money.

City of Del Rio Parks and Recreation Department Jenson Lake Mower

No complaints…

We recently purchased a Lake Mower™ and Jenson Rake™ from your company. I'm pleased to state the equipment has worked as well as expected. We have cut lily pads and cattails and removed them from our city lakes and river. We truly have no complaints concerning our purchase.

City of San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department Jenson Lake Mower and Lake Rake

It’s the best thing since sliced bread, what a great product.

Did I tell you how much I like my Lake Mower™? It’s the best thing since sliced bread, what a great product.

Dean A, Canada Jenson Lake Mower


"A nice photo of one of my boats' set-up. I use this by myself. The best one-man set-up for me. I used the Jenson Lake Mower™ and Jenson Rake™. Did use a pond skimmer also for the real fine material."

Ready… ...Set... ...GONE!

"As a professional pond manager I am constantly on the lookout for tools to help my trade. The Lake Mower™ has fit the bill and more. In some applications I use it to cut at least 5 different plants in one pond. But the real benefit to me is utilizing it to cut or mow hard to deal with plants. The hard stemmed bulrushes and cattails. I use a 3 S method, Submerge, Suffocate and Starve. This slowly depletes the energy from the rhizome.

I may have 200 plants in a dense stand of 500 square feet. The first cut removes all the dead growth and starts them trying again. The second cut I normally have half the emerging growth. And each subsequent cut the number halves again. I'm on my 4th cut at this time in the season and there are barely 25 plants emerging, thinly, where 200 were in a dense stand where I started.

Another benefit is economically friendly, a huge issue in California these days, and selective cutting. I can actually leave some plants, and lilies which my customers want. It is so easy to use I actually have customers come with me and mow while I drive the boat. Easily the best, and most universal tool I have found for dealing with difficult aquatic weeds."

Richard Cherney CEO, The Pond Frog, Northern California Pond Manager/Consultant Jenson Lake Mower

We were ready to dig out the lake and have saved thousands.

Niagara before lake mower Niagara after lake mower

"We purchased a Lake Mower™ from you in the spring of 06. Our Lake is very shallow and hard to maintain. Chemicals have been used in the past to keep problem weeds down with little success. Our pond care company was as frustrated as I was. They recommended cutting the weeds. We are a country club and needed to clean up the lake. I was very excited to see the results after each cutting. We spent many hours and the results show. We received many comments on the lake. This year I applied no chemicals to the lake. We cut the lake roughly 10 to 12 times and cleaned up all the weeds as they drifted to shore. We had one scheduled herbicide application and cancelled it after one cutting with the mower. We also had no algaecide applications. As you see in the pictures, the plants would seed and drop the seeds into the water. Those pictures are from 2005. The great-looking pictures are how our pond looked all this summer ('06). I am very interested in how thick the weeds will be next spring. Thank you for a great product. It is very well built and held up fine the first year of heavy use. We were ready to dig out the lake and have saved thousands.
Thanks again

Thomas J Fiegl, Youngstown, NY Supt., Niagara Frontier Country Club Jenson Lake Mower


"I purchased your Lake Mower™ last year and really had the opportunity to go against my lily pads early. What a difference, we are on a very wide tidal creek and now we have a chance against these invaders. There is no comparison to last year before the Lake Mower™. You have a fantastic machine that truly gave us back our waterfront."

Xavier D. Jenson Lake Mower

We Love This Thing

"We love this thing. It's great! I'm very happy with it."

Bob J, IL Jenson Lake Mower

Does Everything You Said It Would

"Your machine does everything you said it would."

Dick C, NY Jenson Lake Mower

The Jenson Lake Mower™ has impacted the economy of our lake…

“The Jenson Lake Mower™ has impacted the economy of our lake... Three pontoons have already been added where the lake was cleared.” (Tawas Lake now owns six Lake Mowers™, used by about thirty-six homeowners, “... so that members don’t have to wait so long to be able to use it.”)

Bob Makie, East Tawas, MI Tawas Lake Improvement Assoc. Jenson Lake Mower

From Lagoon to Lake, and a Beautiful One at That!

When my mother first saw the lake property we bought, she asked if it was a lagoon! Now, it looks like a lake, and a beautiful one at that! Our neighbors have called to remark how nice the lake looks since we used the Lake Mower™. They have lived there for years, and are delighted with the results. There isn't a time they can remember when the lake looked so good, except in early spring before the lily pads begin to take over.

Celeste and Dennis B, NH Jenson Lake Mower

One Impressive Piece of Design and Manufacturing

“I wanted to let you know the Jenson Lake Mower™ is one impressive piece of design and manufacturing. It was easy to use and very effective. The thick sawgrass I was cutting is no match for the blades.”

Neil R, FL Jenson Lake Mower

Lake Weed Removal: A Chore, or Aqua Therapy?

Dear Jenson Technologies,

Your Jenson Lake Mower™ is a fun and amazing little toy; I got this used one about 3-4 years ago, as I was looking for something more affordable than the Weedoo boat to cut my lilies and milfoil.

pontoon with lake mower mounted in back

When I first started clearing the plants in front of my house, I used a hand sickle for the longest time. Got a bunch of other different types of weed removal tools also and it was a long and slow process. After doing some research on lake weed removal, I ran across the Lake Mower™ and was totally impressed.

I started out with the Lake Mower™ mounted onto a jon boat, using a trolling motor and cutting from the stern. The motor kept on getting weeded up with milfoil, so I got a cage for it, and later an Island Hopper trolling motor, which is like a string trimmer with a blade. Nowadays I have it on this pontoon in the photo.

The trolling motors are tucked in the pontoons (one on each side) and are controlled with the foot pedals at the bow of the boat. In 2015, I plan on using a 10-ft. V-bottom boat that my neighbor had, with a 5 hp Mercury motor. I'm a tinkerer; I like to experiment with different things.

aerial view over water 2 aerial view over water 3

The clear area in the other photos, taken with my unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a drone, is where I've been whittling away. It took about two days to finish, but we have a lot of stumps from trees that were left in the lake, that I have to be careful to avoid.

I'm on the east side of a 40-acre lake, so the west wind helps my lake weed removal on by blowing the weed cuttings my way. I use a bottom lake rake that I had put insulation foam around to make it float, to get the milfoil- and water lily cuttings from the water and use them for compost.

The main reason I got the Jenson Lake Mower™ is, and I quote, "Work smarter, not harder", and the Lake Mower™ takes all the hard work out of it. I don't look at it as if I'm working while I'm on the water, I call it Aqua Therapy, and you're the reason I can go to therapy anytime! LOL!!

This machine is definitely worth it; it does the trick. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has to get rid of lake weeds, especially if they need to clear large areas. Before, I could only clear a path out from my dock, and now I've been able to open up the whole place. It is beautiful.

Above is a picture of what I have to look at when having my morning coffee. It looks so serene, with ducks, geese, and swans swimming, and my dog loves it, as she likes to go out and swim too! She goes all the way to the drop-off (which you can see on the far right in one of the aerial pics), which is about 150 yards away, and then some.

aerial view over water 1 after morning view of water with swan

I'm so impressed with the Jenson Lake Mower™ that I was ready to buy another one if I couldn't find replacement parts. So I was glad when you could send me what I needed to get me back on the water quickly. It is by far the best thing I found for lake weed removal.

I appreciate that you really stand behind your product. So many companies want the buck but not the customer-satisfaction hassles. How many stars can I give Jenson Technologies? Out of 10... can I have 11?! You've been so friendly and helpful; never makes me feel like you don't have time for me. So I just want to say thank you and hope my story is helpful to someone else.

J.T. – MI Jenson Lake Mower

We are happy to endorse your product…

I attached the two photos I mentioned, one on a boat we used the first time and the second shows our new pontoon with two cutters in operation which were used to cut in excess of 150 tonnes of weed in about 11 hours. We are happy to endorse your product and feel free to use the pictures if you want to.

pontoon waterway

"The third picture shows the method we used to remove the weeds (a mixture of Ribbon Weed and Pond Weed) which had been caught on the boom we had put across the waterway. The crane with the bucket put the weeds into a waiting truck which went off when it was full, hence we have a good idea of the amount of weeds we cut and shifted.

Lucidus Smith Author of “The Business of Waterways Management – A Toe in the Water” Jenson Lake Mower

Should have bought one ages ago!

“We are so pleased with our Lake Mower™. It is working well and doing a great job of cutting weeds in our lake. Should have bought one ages ago! The quality is excellent and it is so easy to use. So totally impressed with the speed of its arrival from US and your efficiency. Thank you.” PS: If you ever need any endorsements from NZ let us know.”

Mark and Karen Robinson, North Island, New Zealand The Robinson Sports Museum and Gardens Jenson Lake Mower

The Jenson Lake Mower™ Has Given Us the Victory!

"We have had a constant battle for years with weeds around our dock. The Jenson Lake Mower™ has given us the victory! It's so easy to use and does a terrific job."

Sid S, Detroit Lakes, MN Jenson Lake Mower

It Is Truly a Little Beauty…

"Just a quick line to say hello and tell you how pleased I am with the Lake Mower™. After 3 seasons, it is truly a little beauty that is living up to and beyond my expectations. It handles the Milfoil which is the biggest problem in our water ways with no effort. The battery lasts all day and I have had only one mechanical problem. That was caused by cutting through bull rushes at the base. Not just once but several jobs. (Yep, really exceeding the engineering specs and warranty, folks). Almost as thick as sugar cane yet the Lake Mower™ coped with it fine for the first few days then it stopped cutting. I then realized I had bent the drive pin so it took half an hour to fix and a learning to leave them big brother Bull Rushes alone.

"My customers are really surprised when they see the job done in a fraction of the time it takes them with other methods being used. I can compete for channel cutting but have the niche market of clearing jetties and boat ramps because of the great maneuverability of the dingy mounted Lake Mower™.

"The best bit is that I get paid to play on the water!!!"

Tam Dempster, Goolwa/Hindmarsh Island, South Australia Jenson Lake Mower

Environmentally Friendly

"The best part is that it is environmentally friendly."

John Wedig, Austin, TX Jenson Lake Mower

Can’t Live Without It!

“I can’t live without it! Without the Lake Mower™, I wouldn’t be in the water.”

Bob T, NY Jenson Lake Mower

Well-made and Solid

“Great product. Performs and did just what we wanted. Well-made and solid. Thanks!”

Carl & Diane D, TN Jenson Lake Mower

Keeps Our Beach Looking Just Beautiful

"Owning a Jenson Lake Mower™ allows me to cut my weeds at the proper time at my leisure and keeps our beach looking just beautiful."

Orville C, MN Jenson Lake Mower

Everything You Advertise and More!

“I would be pleased to recommend the Lake Mower™. It is everything you advertise and more. The instructions included are comprehensive and helpful and the product performs flawlessly. I couldn’t be happier.”

Dave E, IL Jenson Lake Mower

It definitely does the job.

"We purchased one and used it the first year quite a bit. We have a 36 acre stocked lake that we used it on. Since then, the vegetation has been manageable without having to use it. It definitely does the job."

Todd A. Lake Mower

Bought 3

I have actually bought 3 of your wonderful milfoil cutters, I have attached them to a giant paddleboard, and I use a battery-powered leaf blower for propulsion, so far it works great. Bottom line I love it, I live on the Columbia River and the milfoil sucks, so your invention has been a Godsend.

Jon P. Lake Mower

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