It Is Truly a Little Beauty…

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It Is Truly a Little Beauty…

“Just a quick line to say hello and tell you how pleased I am with the Lake Mower™. After 3 seasons, it is truly a little beauty that is living up to and beyond my expectations. It handles the Milfoil which is the biggest problem in our water ways with no effort. The battery lasts all day and I have had only one mechanical problem. That was caused by cutting through bull rushes at the base. Not just once but several jobs. (Yep, really exceeding the engineering specs and warranty, folks). Almost as thick as sugar cane yet the Lake Mower™ coped with it fine for the first few days then it stopped cutting. I then realized I had bent the drive pin so it took half an hour to fix and a learning to leave them big brother Bull Rushes alone.

“My customers are really surprised when they see the job done in a fraction of the time it takes them with other methods being used. I can compete for channel cutting but have the niche market of clearing jetties and boat ramps because of the great maneuverability of the dingy mounted Lake Mower™.

“The best bit is that I get paid to play on the water!!!”

Tam Dempster, Goolwa/Hindmarsh Island, South Australia Jenson Lake Mower February 15, 2021

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