We 100% Support and Recommend the Lake Mower

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We 100% Support and Recommend the Lake Mower

From Doug Hannon and Mark Abernathy, both lifelong outdoor enthusiasts concerned about our environment and the way we treat it:

“We 100% support and recommend The Jenson Lake Mower™ as a superior method to control, weeds, grasses, lilly pads, reeds, vegetation of all types within any body of water, without the use of HARMFUL and DEADLY chemicals our government agencies continue to use to poison our waterways. This easy to use tool is efficient and great for any purpose, from simple clean-up to prepping your favorite duck hunting landing area. Nothing on the market compares, and the real satisfaction is knowing that no harmful chemicals have been added to the water, resulting in future unknown harm and damage not only to the environment, but also the vegetation, animals, and fish, as well as humans that may consume these animals and water.”

Doug Hannon, The Bass Professor™ & Mark Abernathy, Inventor of The Original Fishing Snake™ Jenson Lake Mower January 11, 2016

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